Arcade 3.0

Over time, you sometimes lose interest in a hobby. I found that, although I was playing and enjoying my pinball machines regularly, I was spending more time trying to keep the video games running than I was playing them. A lot of hobbyists like repairing games as much as playing them. I am not one of those hobbyists. Ever since building my virtual pin, I've though of going the emulation route--and my frustration with repairs combined with an unfortunate unemployment situation prompted me to sell off most of the video games. I kept Spy Hunter (which doesn't emulate well due to the controls), Food Fight (because it's one of the rarest games I have), and my, I kept NBA Jam for future MAME conversion. Everything else went to a new home.

Check out the downsized arcade here or click on the picture below. (You can still look at the old garage arcade here.)

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