The Finished Product

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This project involved an incredible amount of work (and in incredible amount of cussing...mostly at Windows XP). It totally consumed every weekend and free evening I had for two and a half months. There were times when I was saying (aloud...which made me sound like I was insane), "Why in the hell did I do this? I should have just sold one of my expensive pins and bought a Virtuapin machine! I can't do this!"

But I did. And, now that it's done, I'm really happy that I did it. All of the hard work paid off. No...virtal pinball isn't the real thing. But when you put it in a real pinball cabinet with real pinball controls, it's really close. And, DAMN it's fun!

Hopefully this extensive project write-up has been informative for you. My goal was to make it easier for anyone who is going to attempt a virtual pin build of their own. I hope I've succeeded.

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